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Equipe Autoparts (incorporating Euro-Ex Exhausts) imports and distributes all types of exhausts systems and components for just about every make and model on Australian roads today. Our broad range of products and best-in-class service makes us a logical choice for supplying your exhaust needs. The links below take you to the websites of our major suppliers for you to study and find the information you need.


A complete range of standard bolt-on replacement parts for all Australian, Asian and European vehicles. Our catalogue is the most comprehensive available and is the ‘bible’ for industry professionals.

Systems are sourced from all around the world, there's nothing that we can't find for you!


Comprehensive and varied range of mild steel and stainless steel sports systems, including catalytic converters, headers and turbo manifolds.

Equipe Autoparts is the distributor for Xforce polished stainless and mild steel exhaust systems in South Australia.  We have in stock at all times a good selection of Xforce systems and accessories to suit most popular makes and models of car.  Having stock on hand means that we can back our product with same day warranty service in most cases.  In addition to full bolt-on systems, Xforce now has an excellent range of accessories to suit custom exhaust fabrication.  Click here to link to the Xforce catalogue.

We also stock Zetti, HPX and Outlaw Exhaust systems. HPX is the largest Quality Assured manufacturer of stainless steel headers and exhaust systems in Australia. They manufacture performance headers as original equipment for Australian vehicle manufacturers and also aftermarket applications including their new range of Outlaw performance exhausts and power upgrade modules for popular 4x4 diesel vehicles.


One of the largest and most exclusive displays of chrome and stainless steel exhaust tips and complete inventory of exhaust accessories such as tubing, gaskets, rubbers, flanges, nuts and bolts. Follow this link to review our comprehensive catalogue.